Month: January 2020

Weak Venus in your chart?

An afflicted Venus in your astrology birth chart can lead to fertility imbalances and health issues with sexual organs. It also impacts your ability to enjoy luxuries and lead a stress-free life. Practice Dhanurasana regularly to reduce the effects of a malefic or a poorly placed Venus in your chart.

Salute the Sun

Salute the Sun on Ratha Saptami When is Ratha Saptami? Ratha Saptami falls on Saturday, 1 February. What is its significance? Ratha Saptami is the birthday of the Sun God. It is believed that on this day, the Sun, giver of life and light, enlightened the whole world. The Sun is the Self (atman) and […]

Happy Vasant Panchami

This Vasant Panchami, let us bow to Ma Saraswati, seeking knowledge, creativity and love! On Vasant Panchami, as we start the preparations to welcome spring, the king of the seasons, let us take a moment to invoke Goddess Saraswati. May the ultimate energy of knowledge, creativity, love and longing, fill us with inspiration always! Vasant […]

Weekly Horoscope

Emotions ride on the Ferris wheel! The week could have your emotions run hot and cold. Mid-week blues are going to be a common theme across all signs. Ensure that you stay grounded in the midst of apparent fluctuations. Take many barefoot walks in the grass to stay centred, and to remind yourself that this […]

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