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Energy Intuitive

Life Forecaster

Healing Artist


I help people navigate life’s rough patches by arming them with better self-understanding and awareness of their life’s journey. I believe that spirituality is not only about connecting the mind, body, and soul but also about connecting to the world around us in meaningful ways. I use multiple tools, including Vedic astrology, Tarot cards, and energies, to get the big picture of the soul’s current path in its long journey through multiple lifetimes.

My spiritual journey started when I was a child. As a young girl, I was sensitive to changing energies even before my conscious mind could make sense of what I was experiencing. Back then, there was little support for someone like me, and I struggled to find my own way by consuming the teachings of various spiritual trendsetters, and exploring my inner world through quiet contemplation. Along the path I later found allies and teachers and guides including Reiki master Ramdev Ratnam, Shamanism Guide Beatrice Simmons, Yoga teacher Nirmala Chaitanya and many kind and wonderful souls that shared their knowledge and wisdom with me. It was through meeting a diverse set of people, young and old, at various stages of their spiritual journey that my own dreams, the strange happenings around me, and the symbols appearing to me all started to make sense.

I received my first degree Reiki attunement in 2004, second degree in 2008, and third degree in 2012. To expand my knowledge of the world of energies that I was working with through Reiki, I have also studied Tarot for over fifteen years, and Vedic astrology for over seven years.

An eternal student of life, I use my world travels to further inform and educate my spiritual practice. My travels have taken me, both intentionally and unintentionally to some of the most potent spiritual centres of the world. Whether it’s soaking the healing energy of the sacred Shamanka Rock in a remote island of Russia or participating in an egg-roll healing ceremony in a rainforest in Canada, my path has sought out these magical experiences for deep transformation that I never imagined possible. Closer home in India, I owe much experience and learning to my visits to Tiruvannamalai and Varanasi.  

Taking advantage of living in India, the world capital of spirituality, I delved into study of the Vedas with a course offered by the Karnataka Samskrit University. One lifetime is too little time to study and fully imbibe the rich knowledge in these ancient Sanskrit texts. My interest is in the practical application of these insights into modern living. For, as ancient as these texts are, they never really get old in their relevance to human life.

I draw from all of these intuitive and healing arts in my forecasting and spiritual consulting work. I also have learned that healing is in the hands of each of us if we choose to engage it. For, “a healer is not someone you go to for healing. A healer is someone who triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself.”

"A healer is not someone you go to for healing.
A healer is someone who triggers within you your own ability to heal yourself."

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