Vedic Astrology

Weekly Horoscope

Emotions on a roller-coaster The beginning of the week could bring some clarity about an emotional issue as the Moon joins Rahu and Mercury in Gemini. This truth may be too much for you to bear. Don’t be overwhelmed, and chew on things, and slowly and surely you will understand your situation. This week is […]

Weekly Horoscope

Grounding to a new reality The week starts off with emotions that seem all over the place. There is excess of imagination and flights of fancy. But towards the end of the week, it all settles as the New Moon on 22 May in Taurus (Krittika nakshatra) ushers in the energy of stability. You feel […]

Weekly Horoscope

It’s the season of slowing down to reflect How much more will we slow down, you ask? It is only when the ripples settle and the water is calm that the mud settles at the bottom, and we can see clearly through the water. This week starts the season of slowing down so that we […]

Mars in Transit

Mars moves to Aquarius today. It’s time to take a break and relax from your stresses of over-thinking and over-doing. You also feel more relationship oriented, and want to spend more time with the people who feel most comfortable with (even if online in group chats). Make new connections and reach out to those who […]

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