It’s a week of hectic planetary activity The week starts with a New Moon in Pisces on Monday. With Jupiter in Aquarius and Venus, Sun and Mercury all ready to move to Aries, it is a good time to indulge in some quiet creative time. Wanted to paint or draw mandalas? Take out an hour […]


Love, spice and all things nice The week starts with the New Moon energy. If you haven’t already, there is still time to manifest. Think big. Dream big. This is a potent new moon energy with great potential to turn the course of life. On Monday, the Sun’s move to Pisces will create a collective […]

Weekly Horoscope

Entering the last weeks of 2020 This is a fairly steady week, emotionally. You should be able to find stability in your inner and outer worlds. The discomfort from the conjunctions of the Sun, Mercury and Ketu in Scorpio continue, but you will have found coping strategies by now. You could discover that a friend […]

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