Isolation in Vedic Astrology

With most of the world in isolation these days due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, it would help to get a deeper perspective of how this is understood in Vedic astrology. Isolation and quarantine are matters of the twelfth house in a Vedic astrology chart. There are a total of 12 houses in […]

Happy Ugadi!

Lord Brahma is believed to have created the earth on this day. The term Ugadi is derived from one of Lord Vishnu’s names Yugaadikrit, the creator of Yugas. Ugadi is the great day to worship the Para Brahma, creator of the Time element. On this day, many Hindus in South India eat Ugadi Pachadi. Every […]

Weekly Horoscope

It’s time for action: Mars moves to Capricorn The week starts with Mars moving into Capricorn, where it stays till May 4. When Mars is in this exalted position, it demands action. Mars is in full strength in Capricorn. Given the ‘action’ impulses of Mars, it is a good time to fight the good fight. […]

We need routine and discipline

The coronavirus global healthcare emergency has hit us out of the blue forcing us to spend more time in isolation. We are now living with restrictions that most of us are unaccustomed to. Here’s a look at the astrological perspective and also how the world of alternative healers understands what is happening. I contacted a […]

Weekly Horoscope 15 – 21 March

This week, surrender to a calmer pace The week demands that you stay put with your routine and not try to change things up too much. Do less versus more. Bring greater awareness to everything that you do, whether it’s cooking, eating, walking, showering or talking to a friend. Ask if you are being too […]

Weekly Horoscope

It’s time for concrete action The biggest move of the week comes from Venus, which changes signs to Aries from Pisces, where it stayed for a month. As Venus crosses the Gandanta point (the spiritual knot), from the water to a fire sign, expect some turbulence and surprises. It’s much like riding over a pothole […]

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