The home is at the heart of the week   The New Moon in Cancer on the night of 20 July brings an excellent opportunity to plant new seeds of growth and change. It is a good time to make new beginnings on the domestic front. If you have been considering making changes to the […]

Weekly Horoscope

The retrograde season is upon us The retrograde season is upon us. Four big planets are in retrograde motion, forcing a slowdown, physically, mentally and energetically. Mercury has gone retrograde on 19 June, and stays in that motion for three weeks. It is stationed in its own sign, which increases the impact of its seeming […]

Isolation in Vedic Astrology

With most of the world in isolation these days due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, it would help to get a deeper perspective of how this is understood in Vedic astrology. Isolation and quarantine are matters of the twelfth house in a Vedic astrology chart. There are a total of 12 houses in […]

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