Get Real: This week will strip away the false hopes Dealing with self doubt As Jupiter gains more strength in Capricorn, you will be faced with questions about your very core belief systems. You will end up asking yourself if all that you believed was indeed true. Are friendships supposed to be this way? Are […]

Shani Pradosham

Shani Pradosham The thirteenth day of the lunar cycle is Pradosham, which literally means the removal of sins. This is a good day to perform spiritual activities for karma neutralizing. When Pradosham falls on a Saturday, as it does today, it is called Shani Pradosham, and is especially fruitful to perform remedial activities pertaining to […]

Tarot Tuesday

Six of Wands If you find yourself at a spiritual crossroads, take your time to choose which path to follow. You might be coming out of a difficult life phase. Slow down and consider everything carefully. You feel the urge to call out inauthentic people who say one thing and do another. It is difficult […]

Weekly Horoscope

It’s time for concrete action The biggest move of the week comes from Venus, which changes signs to Aries from Pisces, where it stayed for a month. As Venus crosses the Gandanta point (the spiritual knot), from the water to a fire sign, expect some turbulence and surprises. It’s much like riding over a pothole […]

Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Horoscope 9 to 15 February, 2020 An emotional Valentine’s Week With all other planets stationery, the Moon is the only energy that drives this week. The week starts with a full moon in Cancer, potent with emotions and all matters of the heart. On the full moon itself, you feel a heavy energy, soppy […]

Weekly Horoscope

Head in the clouds; a heart filled with happiness The first week of February has some important changes to look forward to. Venus goes into the Pisces sign in an exalted state and stays there all month till February 28, changing signs only on the leap day. Now, this would make you want to ignore […]

Weekly Horoscope

Emotions ride on the Ferris wheel! The week could have your emotions run hot and cold. Mid-week blues are going to be a common theme across all signs. Ensure that you stay grounded in the midst of apparent fluctuations. Take many barefoot walks in the grass to stay centred, and to remind yourself that this […]

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