Weekly Horoscope

Patience will be rewarded      This is going to be a more or less steady week in which you can expect to build on your past achievements and intentions. Daily actions towards your goals will bring excellent results. Towards the end of the week, the Moon’s conjunction with a retrograde Mars may make you feel […]

Weekly Horoscope

Bow to the divine feminine!     Mercury is retrograde in Libra, the sign that reveals our social face. This week, the temptation to buy things just to please society will be great. And with the various online sales in full swing, the discounts make us want to push ourselves more than needed. Stop and ask […]

Weekly Horoscope

New beginnings are here   Mercury goes retrograde this week. Don’t purchase electronics, and avoid making big decisions this week. This week prior to Navratri is going to be rushed, chaotic and with many messages from the universe, if you keep your eyes and ears open. Spend more time watching the sky and being rooted […]

Weekly Horoscope

Hold steady amid the crossroads     The beginning of this week will be a mix of anger and other heavy emotions.  Mars is in retrograde motion, ready to go back to Pisces from Aries. The Moon is close to this Mars, creating conflict in our internal worlds. Awareness of our behavior and actions are more […]


A Basic Introduction to Tarot Curious about Tarot cards? Wondering how they work as a prediction tool? Interested to learn how to meditate using cards? Are you interested in art and visual stories? This workshop is for you! Spend a couple of hours with me online dipping your toes in the ocean of Tarot cards. […]

Weekly Horoscope

Clarity emerges through the sea of emotion    On September 1, Venus moves to Cancer taking you to the deep-end of the love pool. You have jumped in with both feet and are now completely immersed in the experience, throwing caution to the wind. This is dangerous because your chances of getting hurt are higher […]


Get Real: This week will strip away the false hopes Dealing with self doubt As Jupiter gains more strength in Capricorn, you will be faced with questions about your very core belief systems. You will end up asking yourself if all that you believed was indeed true. Are friendships supposed to be this way? Are […]

Shani Pradosham

Shani Pradosham The thirteenth day of the lunar cycle is Pradosham, which literally means the removal of sins. This is a good day to perform spiritual activities for karma neutralizing. When Pradosham falls on a Saturday, as it does today, it is called Shani Pradosham, and is especially fruitful to perform remedial activities pertaining to […]

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