Weekly Horoscope

It’s best to turn inward in this slow week Your emotions will seem ungrounded and out of whack this week. Manage them by going slow, postponing decisions where possible, and spending more time by yourself. The week starts off with a New Moon in Aquarius, inspiring you to think big, creative and quirky. This is […]

Yoga to relieve headache

Yoga to relieve headache Try these three Yoga postures for instant relief from a headache. 1. Viparita Karanyasana: In this inversion posture, putting your legs up brings instant relief from tense neck and shoulder muscles. You can do this posture by resting your legs straight up against a wall, or by supporting your back with […]

A good Tarot reader

What separates a good Tarot card reader from an average reader? Intuition! To learn the card meanings is the first step to learning how to read Tarot cards. The second is a lifelong commitment to trust your intuition and immerse in spiritual healing and cleansing practices to allow your intuition to shine through.

Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer on 9 February, 2020 In this full moon, expect your emotions to be all caught up in something that you deeply desire. This full moon is going to set you up for the fortnight of love and romance. These emotions are so strong that they resemble the unconditional love of a […]


Salt is healing. Salt is cleansing. And salt is powerful. Here’s a time-tested method to take the stress off your day, especially when you feel physically or emotionally drained. You can do this any time you have had a particularly stressful day or feel tired and low on energy. You can do this every day […]

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