Yoga to relieve headache

Yoga to relieve headache Try these three Yoga postures for instant relief from a headache. 1. Viparita Karanyasana: In this inversion posture, putting your legs up brings instant relief from tense neck and shoulder muscles. You can do this posture by resting your legs straight up against a wall, or by supporting your back with […]


Salt is healing. Salt is cleansing. And salt is powerful. Here’s a time-tested method to take the stress off your day, especially when you feel physically or emotionally drained. You can do this any time you have had a particularly stressful day or feel tired and low on energy. You can do this every day […]

Weak Venus in your chart?

An afflicted Venus in your astrology birth chart can lead to fertility imbalances and health issues with sexual organs. It also impacts your ability to enjoy luxuries and lead a stress-free life. Practice Dhanurasana regularly to reduce the effects of a malefic or a poorly placed Venus in your chart.

Salute the Sun

Salute the Sun on Ratha Saptami When is Ratha Saptami? Ratha Saptami falls on Saturday, 1 February. What is its significance? Ratha Saptami is the birthday of the Sun God. It is believed that on this day, the Sun, giver of life and light, enlightened the whole world. The Sun is the Self (atman) and […]

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