Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer on 9 February, 2020 In this full moon, expect your emotions to be all caught up in something that you deeply desire. This full moon is going to set you up for the fortnight of love and romance. These emotions are so strong that they resemble the unconditional love of a […]

108, the sacred number

Why is 108 a sacred number? The number emerges from the average distance between the sun, moon, and Earth, which is 108 times their respective diameter. 108 is the number of wholeness, completeness and existence. Prayer malas have 108 beads, plus one guru bead. 1 = one thing 0 = nothing 8 = everything (infinity) […]

New Moon in Capricorn

The New Moon is a great time to manifest your deepest desires. This New Moon on 24 January, 2020, is in Capricorn, the no-nonsense earth sign. Set some serious goals (especially work goals) and a practical roadmap to get you there. This new moon is the best time to also work hard, develop patience and […]

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