Card of the week

The rational mind rules an emotional heart The King of Swords is a person who is in control, and has the ability to use power to make decisions and influence large groups of people. This is a traditional king, a CEO, a project manager, a business leader and self-starter with a specific goal in sight. […]


Should you trust a free online Tarot reading? There are two main steps involved in an online reading. 1. Choose the cards from a deck 2. Interpret the card/s In a free online Tarot reading, the first step of choosing the cards is often computer-generated and algorithm driven. You randomly click on the cards for […]

Buying a Tarot deck

How to choose the best Tarot deck to buy? Tarot cards are visual representations of the universe’s messages. A Tarot deck should resonate with your artistic sensibilities. The visually richer a deck is, the wider your landscape for a reading. Angel cards, Oracle cards and Tarot cards are different. A traditional Tarot set has 78 […]

A good Tarot reader

What separates a good Tarot card reader from an average reader? Intuition! To learn the card meanings is the first step to learning how to read Tarot cards. The second is a lifelong commitment to trust your intuition and immerse in spiritual healing and cleansing practices to allow your intuition to shine through.

Learn Tarot Reading

Is it possible to learn how to read Tarot cards in a day? Learning how to read the cards is a lifelong process with new information emerging every time you open the deck. In the Tarot workshop on 22 February at Lahe Lahe, you will acquire techniques that will not just get you started along […]

The Wheel of Fortune Spins

This Major Arcana card of the 72-card Tarot deck represents the wheel of life. It shows us that all of life itself is cyclical. What goes up must come down and vice-versa. Its message is clear: nothing ever stays the same. The only constant is change. Inside the wheel are inscribed four letters – T, […]

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