Weekly Horoscope

Emotions ride on the Ferris wheel!

The week could have your emotions run hot and cold. Mid-week blues are going to be a common theme across all signs. Ensure that you stay grounded in the midst of apparent fluctuations. Take many barefoot walks in the grass to stay centred, and to remind yourself that this too shall pass.

You may be looking at buying new technology, or upgrading your current digital spread. Do your research this week and be thorough with your price checks and product specs. The coming weekend is a good time to get that new gadget that you have been eyeing for a long time.

Friction with people in authority, like bosses or heads of family, could frustrate you. You feel weak in the face of seniority or simply experience and wisdom. Don’t take it to heart. While continuing to express your point of view, ensure that you are addressing the problem through healthy arguments rather than brushing it all under the carpet. Remember to always be kind and compassionate, first with yourself and then with others, too.

Weekly Horoscope

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