Don’t quit on your resolutions yet!

Themes for the week

With Mercury and the Sun gaining strength in Capricorn, this is a good time to revisit your yearly resolutions. Check in and see how you’re doing. If you haven’t worked on them yet, no problem! Start over! You have many more opportunities to work through your list.

This is also a good week to indulge your creative urges. Commit to a creative project and Venus in Aquarius will support you. Remember to not fall into the trap of creating something for a great photo-op for social media. Instead, enjoy the creative process. Working with clay, plants and projects that indulge your sensory experiences are best.


The week starts on an emotional note with a partner. Sunday is a good time for a heart-to-heart discussion on what most matters to you both. Resist the urge for passive-aggressive behavior with someone that you don’t particularly like. It is a good week to remain focused on a work project and research your ideas in quiet contemplation. This will eventually lead to a successful outcome. You might encounter heavy energies from a person in authority, and find it difficult to understand their point of view. It’s okay to wade in the confusion for a few days. Be okay with the uncertainty. A female friend or older sibling comes connects with you bearing good news.


Watch for tempers flaring at work. Be kind to your coworkers, and be conscious that you’re being gentle in all your professional transactions. A frenemy may trigger you in difficult ways, prompting you to revisit your love-hate friendship. This is a great week for partnerships. With work partners, you get things done together, and vibe at a healthy pace, reminding you just why this partnership is great. Resist the tendency to brood in your alone-time. Instead, pick up a book, meditate or make your me-time useful. Find time at the end of the week to volunteer for a charity. You are exposed to great ideas by women, known and through new meetings during the week.


Emotions could run high with a romantic interest. If things get too heavy, take some time out and regroup with your own goals and interests. Your health needs attention. Keep anger in check especially. It’s a good week to ensure that you stay committed to all that you have set your mind to do this year. No quitting! Marriage and business partnerships demand attention, especially around mid-week when the Moon enters your seventh house. You will feel conflicting emotions about these close relationships. It’s a good week to pick up a new skill. Learn, and also teach something new. You have to pay more attention to your emotions.


You will be tempted to call an old lover, an ex-flame that has been on your mind the past few weeks. There’s no harm in making a connection especially if you shared a deep emotional bond. This is a good week to make plans with friends and meet up for a game night or an evening out at the movies. Your health needs attention. Don’t ignore any nagging lower back aches. Jump into long-term solutions like yoga or alternative therapies. You have a good week with partners. Good ideas flow and you resolve to make the partnership work even better through equal sharing of responsibilities. It’s a good week for investigative research work. You may find out new information about someone close.


Business owners get a lucky break with a new project that adds to your financial goals for the month. Avoid any fights with your mother, or a motherly figure. Friendships are hanging on a delicate balance this week. You might be at the threshold of losing some close friends. It brings into question many thoughts about your shared values and belief systems. You also realize that in the past, many friends had to be let go for all the wrong reasons. Your ego is having an honest conversation with you this week. Those with children have a rough time keeping them disciplined, or connecting with them in authentic ways. You truly feel the love with your romantic partner.


It’s a good time for business. Your plans for the year are being set in motion, and you feel that you are truly on the right track. You re-commit to long-term goals with renewed vigor. You may need to face some domestic issues at home, like a leaking tap or a broken window knob. Repairs are in order. You have been thinking about your personal philosophy over the past weeks. You gain much clarity about it through introspection this week. This could be your religious or political philosophy. You now know which side of the fence you stand on. At work, a female coworker could be of help with some good feedback or ideas.


You find a new avenue to increase your earnings. Younger friends may be quite a handful for you to manage. You have different points of view with them, or bicker over minor differences. Don’t take it to heart. It will ease in a few days. It’s a good week to redecorate your home, or do a deep-clean and remove clutter. You will also feel mentally sharp and clear when you do this. Love is in the air. Singles also have an opportunity to meet someone interesting. Students have a good week of focus and learning. It’s also a good time to do charity work. Pick your favorite cause and go and volunteer over the weekend.


You have a strong self-image supporting your actions this week. You’re confident and also feel beautiful. Home matters may need your attention in the middle of the week. A parent may be whining about something, and you feel pressured to be a good son/daughter. Entrepreneurs have a good time fleshing out new ideas for the year. You may clash with your boss or a client and may realize that you don’t share the same ethics. You will have to do as the boss says. Keep your home tidy. Get something decorative and beautiful that could cheer up your living space. Sad thoughts may come in waves. Talk to a friend, and journal regularly to tide over them.


The middle of the week is especially rough. You feel emotional, and will want to talk to someone about your fluctuating thoughts. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your social support system. Your mother may share some hard-hitting home truths that you find difficult to digest. Positive thinking is needed more this week. How you think will be how you feel. A female friend or confidante is extremely supportive, and you will be grateful for her presence in your life. You may feel lazier than usual this week. A talk with your father or a father figure will help you through some rough patches. He may even share ideas to increase your earnings.


This week will be high on spiritual work. You will connect with your overseas network, and share ideas. You may even make plans to travel overseas. The female presence at home (either through a mother or sister or daughter) is strong. You interact with them much more this week. For entrepreneurs, earnings through female clients are high. Pay attention to your health but no need to be obsessed with it. However, take care to ensure that you are on track with your daily health maintenance routine be it walking or yoga. Earnings and profit are increasing this week. It is a good time to put away some money as savings.


You are focused and committed to get things done. With high concentration and dedication, this would be a good week to get the big ideas executed. Your unwavering focus makes it easy to strike off the important items on your to-do list. Friends and entertainment (Netflix) are distracting but you find the perfect balance. You are profit-oriented this week, and will do work with the sole aim of increasing your worth, monetarily. Be more disciplined about digital detox. Don’t take your phone to bed with you at night. An older sibling may tick you off mid-week. Don’t react or respond. Let the week pass before you do anything about it. Meditate more. Journal more.


You may be obsessing over every nook and corner of your home, trying to make it perfect, to beautify it and make it flawless. Take it slow and easy. Your home needs to look lived in, not a picture straight out of an interior design magazine. Your emotions are heavy but you have them under control. Mid-week brings some interaction with your boss or a client that may make you uncomfortable. You feel disconnected from them but don’t be in a hurry to set things right straight away. Some things take time. Give each other space. If you really want to share your thoughts, do so with an older sibling or a mature, older friend who will understand.


Note: These insights are based on the lagna or ascendant as in your Vedic astrology chart. If you don’t know yours, contact Golden Swan Healing –


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