Communication and the arts are in focus

The week starts with Mercury entering Taurus. This brings an environment for better communication. This is a good time to communicate with those that you typically find it hard to talk to. It is also a good time to activate your Venetian proclivities for the arts and the luxuries of life. Indulge in music, the arts and good food.

Soon after, Venus also joins Mercury in Taurus. This brings a far more stable time in which you feel at your creative best and want to stay in your happy zone.

You could feel like spending more time at home and hibernating for a while, getting rid of social media and not wanting to have too many social interactions, even if online. This is a good thing. But as you spend time alone at home also ensure that you do things that you enjoy. Avoid getting into a negative spiral by overthinking the things that are not in your control. You are likely to come out of the self-imposed social media break by the middle of next week.


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