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Time to tune-up your emotions

This is truly the Capricorn season as the Capricorn-heavy energies with five planets in the zodiac sign of the goat makes it a good time to focus on our ambitions, reset our life’s path and realign our life purpose. It all sounds big and heavy but it can be broken down into smaller daily tasks that will get you to your desired goal eventually. The last new moon on 12 January was, in many ways, the start of a new year as it gave us all the opportunity to start afresh. There is new energy and new hope in this year, especially after the most unexpected experiences we have all shared as a collective through 2020. Individually, it matters how you will use this opportunity. Make the most of it!

Additionally, there are two transits and planetary shifts to watch this week. The first is the Full Moon in Cancer on the night of 28 January (or in the morning, depending on where you live). This brings many volatile emotions and high intensity introspection on the home and domestic life. This is the best time to journal. If you are near a water body like a river or lake, spend time around water. Take longer showers and dip your feet in salt water whenever possible.

Mercury goes retrograde for three weeks starting 31 January. This is the first retrograde of the year, which is happening in Capricorn and Aquarius. It could bring conflicting emotions on your ambitions and whether you should fiercely battle ahead or allow fate to take over. The choice is always yours.

Weekly Horoscope

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