Weekly Horoscope

Hold steady amid the crossroads    

The beginning of this week will be a mix of anger and other heavy emotions.  Mars is in retrograde motion, ready to go back to Pisces from Aries. The Moon is close to this Mars, creating conflict in our internal worlds. Awareness of our behavior and actions are more important than ever before.

A domestic matter will demand attention mid-week, causing disagreement and rift with family members. Agree to disagree and find a middle path to resolve issues instead of stretching the problem beyond its life cycle.

You may have to make an important decision, and this may create a dilemma of choice. Rely on practical information rather than clouded emotions to guide your decision. When the Moon meets Rahu in Taurus towards the end of the week, there is bound to be confusion over matters that should traditionally bring you stability but need a bit of change to get you the desired results. A change in daily routine could help with this.

Weekly Horoscope

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