Weekly Horoscope

The truth will be revealed!    

You could feel a false pride take over and make you adamant about an issue, especially when it concerns someone that you do not particularly like. Be aware of this tendency and curb the desire to be rude or unnecessarily arrogant.

The big change this week is Saturn’s move to direct after being retrograde for several months. The truth will be revealed with this direct motion of Saturn. All the things that seemed stuck will move forward, or you will know the real reason for them being stuck in the first place.

Mars in retrograde motion will bring up some internal conflict and strife that may seem frustrating at first, but you realize that the slowdown was necessary to avert a bigger problem. This week ushers in the start of a more stable end to the year where you will get the tools to manage problems and feel more in control of the situation.

Weekly Horoscope

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