Lean on practicality  

The week is overall stable and could move faster than you realize. There will be opportunities through the week to do charity and to volunteer your time and resources. It’s a good idea to give at this time.

The Sun and Saturn are aspecting each other, bringing a push-pull of emotions and practicality. You want to get into a job and do it with pragmatism on your side, but the fear and anxiety prevent you from giving it your best shot. The only way to tackle this is to take one step at a time, slowly and gradually without imagining the consequences but rather thinking of the next step that you will take.

When Moon enters Scorpio in Wednesday, it could leave you a bit morose and lacking energy. This will continue till the weekend, so rely on your regular energy boosters like playing with a pet, talking to friends and indulging in art to keep your spirits up.


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