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The retrograde season is upon us

The retrograde season is upon us. Four big planets are in retrograde motion, forcing a slowdown, physically, mentally and energetically. Mercury has gone retrograde on 19 June, and stays in that motion for three weeks. It is stationed in its own sign, which increases the impact of its seeming backward motion. One needs to exercise extra caution in matters of communication and also with purchases related to technology and electronics. Play it safe and go slow overall. This is not the time to firm up commitments or sign big contracts. Go extremely slow with everything. It is, however, a good time to review, revise, renew, re-purpose, re-decorate and rejuvenate.

The eclipse on Sunday, June 21, could leave us feeling tired and out of sorts. It may reveal certain aspects of our own personality that we are not yet ready to face. The planetary shifts this week are intense, and their impact will last a few weeks.

The Moon’s move to Cancer and then to Leo through the middle and second half of the week will bring some respite from the heaviness of the eclipse but then the week will also unravel what to expect from the eclipse in the coming weeks. Brace for impact. Stay calm. Go slow. And don’t take life so seriously!

Weekly Horoscope

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