Weekly horoscope

Exhale and ease out the stress

The communication hiccups that you experienced in the last few weeks are easing now as Mercury has moved into Aries on 25 April. You will feel less misunderstood, and more at ease with sharing your thoughts. Even so, be careful about word choice. Mind your manners while communicating, and also spare a moment to think about how your written messages, especially in instant chat apps, are being understood. Use full sentences and communicate clearly. If you are lazy about how you write messages, the chances for misunderstandings are higher.

Expect some emotional turbulence mid-week as Moon joins Rahu in Gemini on 28 April. There could be confusion and mixed messages. This will clear by 1 May. So hold off making important decisions till then. There could be passive-aggressive behaviour if not by you then around you. Move away from the situation immediately to safeguard yourself and others.

Mars is ready to move out of Capricorn on 5 May. This is the last of the testing Mars in Capricorn. While it has been good for action, especially collective action and the political will that was witnessed in the past weeks, there will be relief in many quarters as the tension and anger that accompanied the action dissipates. Use this week to think back to the last month and list your achievements and development areas. Use it to inform the next month as Mars transits Aquarius, another Saturn-ruled zodiac sign.

Weekly horoscope

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