The Wheel of Fortune Spins

This Major Arcana card of the 72-card Tarot deck represents the wheel of life. It shows us that all of life itself is cyclical. What goes up must come down and vice-versa. Its message is clear: nothing ever stays the same. The only constant is change.

Inside the wheel are inscribed four letters – T, A, R and O. They represent the universe’s hidden messages and meanings. The card also has images of four animals that represent the four fixed Zodiac signs — Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. In a reading, this could mean that you will hear news from any of these signs. The wheel is often spinning in your favor bringing soon the karmic reward due to you.

When this card is picked with others with a positive message, it usually uplifts the positivity of the message.

The Wheel of Fortune Spins

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