Mercury is now direct!

Mercury is now stationed direct. This was a challenging Mercury retrograde season. I faced many tech hiccups as soon as the planet turned retrograde. There were lengthy periods of indecision, heightened anxiety and many days when nothing went as per plan. Towards the end of the season, coinciding with the Full Moon, I also experienced friction in communication (disagreements and ego traps) with long-time relations.

This, I believe, was essential to peel off the layers of complex personality types and bring them to light. The thing about the Mercury retrograde season is that despite knowing that it is time to be careful and slow, the most sensitive of relationships and processes around us demand our response and engagement at this time, and on an urgent basis. It is a beautiful and spiritually uplifting season, if one doesn’t get too perturbed by the unexpected happenings.

It also shows us so well that nothing is so important that we cannot survive without it. Mercury in retrograde is the time when we face our weaknesses and learn how to emerge out of the fog.

The next season is from 18 June to 12 July. This is happening in Gemini, and is expected to be doubly lethal. So take the learning from this Mercury retrograde season and apply it to the next one so that you get better at managing the unpredictability.

How was this Mercury retrograde for you?

Mercury is now direct!

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