Happy Ugadi!

Lord Brahma is believed to have created the earth on this day. The term Ugadi is derived from one of Lord Vishnu’s names Yugaadikrit, the creator of Yugas. Ugadi is the great day to worship the Para Brahma, creator of the Time element.

On this day, many Hindus in South India eat Ugadi Pachadi. Every ingredient in this dish represents the different tastes and essences of life.

Ugadi Pachadi is a mixture of

  • Jaggery (sweet): happiness
  • Salt (salty): interest in life
  • Tamarind (sour): challenges
  • Neem flowers (bitter): difficulties of life
  • Raw mango (tangy): surprises and new challenges
  • Chilli powder (spicy): angry moments

The dish is a symbol of the mixed emotions of life.

Happy Ugadi!

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