Dear readers, I am delighted to share this guest post by Tarot reader Mary Cole, who writes about using your Tarot cards to heal from abusive experiences. You can visit her website at  and read more about Mary here.


Healing From Harm With the Tarot


The road to rebuilding your life after an abusive situation is filled with challenges. There are internal and external wounds to heal, which only get better with time. The effects of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse are long-lasting and there is no quick-fix to feel better. Having recognized these patterns in your life and actively made the choice to remove yourself from these situations is one of the most courageous things you will ever do.


During this emotional time, the Tarot can be a great support as you process your pain and grief to begin a new chapter in your life. The energy of specific cards and the wisdom of the Tarot take you on a journey inward, allowing you to reclaim the pieces of you that were fragmented and put them back together again – stronger than ever before.  Through your journey of healing, here are 7 Tarot techniques you can use to feel grounded, supported, and empowered in the process of becoming whole again.


Release Self-Victimization with 8 of Swords

Card’s Significance: The harm done to you has made an impact, but there is no need to hold yourself hostage to replaying the memories that keep you stuck in the past. You now have the power to extract yourself from this situation and release lingering doubts, blame, and anxiety that this situation has caused you. You are not going to become a prisoner of your own mind. By tackling your negative thoughts head on, you shift your perspective to self-affirming beliefs that set you free.


Technique: Place your 8 of Swords card where you can gaze at it and reflect. Set the personal intention to liberate yourself from being a prisoner of your own mind. Write down all the thoughts and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward with your life. Acknowledge any feelings of self-blame, resentment, and victimization. When you are finished writing, rip the paper to shred. As you do so, imagine invisible chains being lifted off you. You are free to move forward and continue your journey of personal growth with prosperity.


Acknowledging Pain with 3 of Swords

Card’s Significance: The 3 of Swords helps you to acknowledge the tremendous pain you are experiencing. To heal, you cannot simply gloss over the depth of emotions stirred in you. Embracing the energy of this card helps you to feel your heartbreak, sorrow, and grief about what has happened to you. Allowing yourself to feel the painful emotions helps you to gain clarity and acceptance. You do not need to diminish what you’ve experienced: feel and heal your way through.


Technique: This exercise may be emotional so ensure you have the time and space to dive deep into your feelings. Make yourself feel at ease, light candles, and perhaps have a blanket for comfort and warmth. Place the 3 of Swords card where you can see it. Begin to breathe into your heart and notice the emotions come through. Remember you are safe and you do not have to censure what you’re feeling. Cry and release as needed.


Final Ending To Chapter With 10 of Swords

Card’s Significance: The 10 of Swords signifies the final ending to this chapter in your life. While you have suffered at the hands of another, things are now going to change. You’ve accepted the truth of your situation and have made it through the most painful parts of what has happened to you. No more harm will come from this situation when you embrace the energy of this card.


Technique: Place your 10 of Swords card next to you. Gather a piece of paper, something to write with, matches or a lighter, and a flame-resistant container like a seashell or bowl. Write down your intention to be fully finished with the harm that has been done to you. You can release any feelings of anger, blame, and resentment into this note. When it is complete, fold it in half and then light the bottom corner with a match. As you watch the paper burn, feel the circumstances coming to their final end.


Trust Karma Through The Justice Card

Card’s Significance: The Justice Card opens you to trusting karmic retribution. You may have a desire to see the person who harmed you pay for what they’ve done. This card will work to ensure that justice is served and everyone is held accountable for their actions. Whether it be in a legal case or in general, you can trust the Universe will restore balance to the situation. You can let go of a need for vengeance and have faith you will be compensated for what has been done to you through Universal blessings.


Technique: Spend time reflecting on the idea of justice and open up to trusting all actions will have their consequences. For this technique, you will gather seeds of your favorite plant. With the Justice card in sight, pick up a seed and name one wrong-doing that has been done to you. Then, put the seed in the ground for it to transform and grow into something beautiful. Do this with as many seeds as you feel called to and then watch as your garden of justice grows. Your actions are going to create beauty in the world.


Re-establish Boundaries With the Emperor

Card’s Significance: The Emperor aids you in re-establishing personal boundaries. An abusive situation can leave you feeling vulnerable and tender; someone you thought you could trust has harmed you. The energy of the Emperor will give you strong resolution, protection, and the wisdom you need to make it through this.


Technique: Situate yourself in the center of a room with plenty of space around you. Place the Emperor card in front of you. Practice creating your own personal boundaries by physically establishing a space that is yours. Mentally, imagine your territory becoming a flame glowing your favorite color. In this space, you control what comes in. You can always recreate this energy around you when you seek protection.


Finding Gentleness In Your Life With Empress

Card’s Significance: The Empress will restore gentleness and peace into your life. After your experience, rest and calmness are important for restoring yourself. It is best to go easy on yourself as you move through the feelings you are experiencing. The energy of this card will nurture you and bring you opportunities for abundance so that you can start to feel like yourself again.


Technique: Pick an act of self-care that feels nourishing for you. Some ideas are cooking, getting a massage, purchasing new clothes, journaling with your favorite music in the background, and going for a nature walk. As you nurture yourself, place your Empress card where you can see it. Reflect on the importance of tending to your personal needs and invite the Empress’s energy to nourish you at the deepest level.


Calling in Strength

Card’s Significance: Strength will be your new card of empowerment. The worst is over because you were brave enough to stand up for yourself. Now, it is time to embrace compassion for yourself, your personal courage, and inner strength. This card signifies the human spirit can overcome all obstacles and prosper.

Technique: Go outside in the sunshine with your Strength card. Gaze at it for a few minutes and then hold it to your chest. Feel the sun’s warmth stream through you and notice it activating your core power. Let the light embolden you and remind you of inner radiance.





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