“Gear up for 2018 with Golden Swan’s annual reading”

Standing on the threshold of a brand new year is a great time to reflect on the months gone by and the year to come. Get a grip on what to expect from 2018 with your personalized Golden Swan Book.

An annual reading works well to help you take stock of the hits and misses of the past year — where did you falter, what went wrong, what went right, and the biggest surprises of the year that probably led you to change course or shift a mindset. Be better prepared for 2018 with Golden Swan’s annual report, which gives a month-by-month analysis of how the changing cosmic energies affect your life.

Here’s a sneak peek into the planetary transits for 2018. Rahu is transiting Cancer through 2018, and Ketu will be transiting Capricorn. Jupiter, which will be transiting Libra through the first months of the year, will move to Scorpio in October, 2018. The other big planet, Saturn, will transit Sagittarius through all of 2018. Your personalized report will analyze what each of these planetary transits mean for you.

The annual reading will include

  • An overview of 2018 based on your natal chart
  • Month-by-month analysis of what to expect
  • Areas of life that need your attention, including work, health, family, hobbies, finances or friends

Get the broad strokes as well as the details of the coming year to help you make realistic resolutions. Find out which resolutions you can stick to, and which ones are likely to be crushed within days.

Let the light shine on the months ahead so that you’re ready to embrace 2018 with all its successes and challenges. Get your custom report before you step into the new year. The 2018 annual report also makes for a great year-end gift. Book your copy here.

“Gear up for 2018 with Golden Swan’s annual reading”

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