Weekly Horoscope

Big changes afoot    

It has been a week since Jupiter has gone direct, gaining strength and confidence. You feel more hopeful and optimistic about the near future.

On Wednesday, Mercury moves to Libra. Great ideas are rushing through your over-active mind. Carry a notebook along and write down your idea. You may feel the impetus to discuss these ideas with people and get them off the ground immediately. But take pause and reflect, research and evaluate your options before you invest in them further.

Your conversational skills will be at their best. Get on video calls and socially-distanced meetings to talk away and get those words out of your system!

This is a significant week when, on Thursday, the lunar nodes change signs. Rahu moves from Gemini to Taurus, and Ketu moves from Sagittarius to Scorpio. The lunar nodes are now in an exalted state, brining more stability, both material and spiritual. They stay in these signs till March 16, 2022.

Weekly Horoscope

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