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Over-loaded with Capricorn energy

Last Sunday, 22 March, Mars moved to Capricorn. A week later, on 30 March, Jupiter also transits to Capricorn. When Jupiter moves into Capricorn in a debilitated position, he brings the cycle in which you might get bogged down by the problems and worries of the world. There is the threat of forgetting our teachings and becoming unfocused and feeling drained by the practicalities of life. For spiritual people, this can be a very powerful time. Your spirituality is tested. It feels harder to follow it, and to keep it front and centre. Make sure to remain hopeful and keep at your practice. Do not forget your teachings! This impacts you especially at the work place. You may be questioning your work, its usefulness and your life purpose through work.

The time from the last week of March till the first week of May is the most crucial in the entire year. The house ruler, the exalted planet and debilitated planet are all in Capricorn. There is a lot of Capricorn strength during this period, giving energy to Saturn and Mars. This is a good thing because you get a lot of persistence to push through difficulties and to persevere.

Jupiter in a debilitated state here may prevent you from seeing the hope, causing you to question your core belief systems and adopted life philosophies. But this is only transitional, so do not panic! Continue to be focused and committed without giving up. It’s important that you don’t isolate yourself (socially) as there is a temptation to be alone, and this could quickly translate to loneliness during this time. Given the situation with the spread of coronavirus, the past weeks have demanded social distancing. But what prevents you from picking up the phone and talking to a friend? Don’t allow the lack of social touch to bubble up into a difficult emotional situation.

Jupiter could make you un-inspired and bogged down by the day-to-day. You could feel that you don’t have power or money but these feelings are not only unfounded but also fleeting. There is a tendency to be impulsive and angry (Mars in full power) but don’t heed to temptations of power struggles. Keep reminding yourself that everything is transient.

Weekly Horoscope

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