Client Testimonials

I had never tried or even heard of such a thing as life reading. My life reading with Sumaa had been an eye opener for me. She had been able to read through my deepest and intense moments. I don't feel I could have narrated myself better to a third person. The clarity she brought to me through her work has given me direction and a way forward. I admire how she keeps the reading practical and self-explanatory, without any insistence to follow any sort of alternative healing or wearing gems or performing kriyas.
Arti, India


All the questions I had about why my life is the way it is came to an end after meeting Sumaa. She helped me to not only understand events of the past but also helped me look at life differently. Her reading has helped me to accept my life as it is and move ahead towards a larger purpose/goal than on a shallow level. God bless her always.
Priyanka, India


The Tarot beginners’ workshop was a good mix of theory and practical, which was good. I liked the flow. There should have been a little more time. It felt rushed towards the end. My expectations from the workshop were more than met. In fact, one thing I really loved about the workshop is the WhatsApp group that was created after the workshop... it will help us grow. I am interested in attending more such workshops with Sumaa. An advanced level workshop would be great. 
Mansee, India


I just had my chart and my husband's chart read by Sumaa. I am already using the information she imparted to me actively in my life to make decisions and address blocks. I feel like when reading my life report that someone was describing me perfectly and that finally my life made sense, all in one continuous line. It helped me see the eras of my life and embrace where I am in this lifetime and in my broader journey. I am excited that I have these tools now. I immediately had Sumaa do a reading for my husband, and toddler son. I'm excited to weave what we've learned together to make sense of our family dynamics, hopes, dreams and daily tendencies. Sumaa does her work with love, quirkiness and explicitly clear wording. I felt that I could spend many hours with her just learning and that I would pick up a lot in a very short time. I came in unaware of how astrology works and she was able to give me a basic primer in a very short time.

Elizabeth Durney, USA


I have had several readings by Sumaa, each at key turning points in my life, and each has been like a lighthouse, showing me exactly where I needed to go, and giving me the strength and courage to follow what my inner voice tells me. Her accuracy is astonishing  - enough to give me goosebumps. The clarity and depth with which she explains every aspect make it clear that  she has dedicated years to learning, and that she has a unique insight and an extraordinary gift. I have recommended several friends, who have been equally delighted with their readings. 

Sairica, Spain


This was my first reading ever, and wasn't sure what to expect, however Sumaa came highly recommended, so I knew I was in good hands.  My reading was phenomenal. Not only was she accurate in things past, but it's only been two months since our reading and her predictions and advice have already been instrumental in my day-to-day, as well as in helping with key life milestones. Thank you Sumaa!

Donny, USA


Getting a reading from Sumaa Tekur is delightful.  She gives a technically thorough interpretation of the facts as well as a very personal Vedic astrology reading. The warm touches made me feel like she was right in front of me, even though I received a written interpretation.  Sumaa is clearly an interesting person with great empathy.  Not only do I look forward to more readings, I look forward to meeting her in person.

Gabrielle, Earth


Sumaa’s Vedic Astrology reading came for me at a time when there was a lot of inner turmoil going on about myriad issues and I was not finding precise answers for many of them. In that scenario, the reading that Sumaa gave, turned out to be like a floodlight shining at the end of a tunnel! That is because Sumaa’s reading offers a rare combination of easy elucidation of astrological jargon; practical insights into what shall happen and why shall it happen; and feasible remedies that can be done by even the busiest person.

Reshma, Thane, India

I was not much of a believer in astrology till I interacted with Sumaa ma’am. The clear way in which she cuts across all the clutter and gets to the point, made me a convert. I could see the logic and science beneath what was otherwise mumbo-jumbo for me. The fact that she can accurately explain the (astro)-logical reasons behind what happened in one’s past, what is happening in the present and thus, what will happen in the future is something not many astrologers can do. Add to that the timely delivery of one’s report, in a written or verbal format as desired by the client, coupled very kindly with a facility to ask follow-up questions if required, gave me a wonderful experience with my astro-reading.

COL. (retd.) Omar, Thane, India  


Sumaa is the type of rare astrologer who gives me the kind of perspective that I like- not doomsday predictions or stone-clad pronouncements about planetary placements but rather what my soul is here to do on this earth and how it connects to my life right now. During my reading with her, she combined her intuition and deep astrological knowledge with psychological insights about my personality and gave me clear indications of what would come easily for me and practical ways in which I could apply her reading in my life. She's my go-to guide for tumultuous times and also gets my vote for that must-do annual reading.

Sridevi, Bangalore, India


Suma is the most unique chart reader that I have ever come across. Her detailed analysis of what's ahead and what's beneath the intricacies of one's life is very helpful. I got a very good understanding of my chart with very deep insights of where my life is headed to and why. Her readings are a must to gain better knowledge and reasoning of one's life journey through the insights that she gives with her unconventional reading style and approach.

Kartik, India