It’s a week of hectic planetary activity

The week starts with a New Moon in Pisces on Monday. With Jupiter in Aquarius and Venus, Sun and Mercury all ready to move to Aries, it is a good time to indulge in some quiet creative time. Wanted to paint or draw mandalas? Take out an hour from your day and sit by yourself.

The Hindu Lunar New Year is on Tuesday, and it starts with some auspicious planetary combinations, making for a good day to set intentions and start on a new lifestyle or even a mindset.

The Sun joins Venus in Aries in an exalted position. The Sun feels most comfortable in Aries. Confidence levels will improve, and also there is bound to be far greater clarity on the road ahead.

On Wednesday, Mars moves away from its conjunction with Rahu, into Gemini. Expect better control over flaring tempers and the tendency to feel aggressive. A calmer, more collected mindset will set in motion a better time period.

Towards the end of the week on Saturday, Mercury moves to Aries, bringing a greater drive to accomplish tasks. This is a good time of year to revisit your annual resolutions. Check in how far you have come in the last three months and re-align your priorities for the rest of the year.


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