The week calls for balance and quiet reflection

The week brings quite a few important transits, and this means big shifts in how you feel. The week starts on a hopeful note. You could be feeling more optimistic than usual. This may seem like a good thing but remember to lean on the practical side and check in with your pragmatic self before you sign up for something that you regret the very next day! Balance will be the name of the game this week.

On Monday, the Moon joins Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn, bringing possible moments of friction with those in positions of authority. It could be a boss or at home, whoever is in charge. Deal with any internal conflict in silence. Sit with your discomfort and allow the answers to emerge. Then you may express your thoughts. Be wary of throwing your confusion on to other people to sort out.

On Tuesday, Jupiter transits to Aquarius. This is a big shift, bringing a period of relief from feelings of low self-esteem for many of us. Watch your confidence grow over the next few weeks.

On Saturday, Venus moves to Aries. This is an important shift for those conflicted in matters of the heart. You will get the confidence to ask for what you want from a loved one. Let’s hope that you get it!


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