Curb the urge to lash out  

The week starts with the exact conjunction of Mars and Rahu in Taurus. This combination of two volatile energies tends to generally create havoc in our external environment. History has proven that earthquakes, volcano eruptions and fire accidents tend to increase at this time. At the personal level, the Mars-Rahu conjunction brings instability and aggression. It’s best to hold back when every pore of your body is leaning towards screaming out all your thoughts and walking away from the blast you just caused. Be restrained in words and thoughts.

Towards the end of the week on Saturday, Ketu joins Moon in Scorpio, bringing again some unstable emotions. You might want to spend alone time over the weekend. At the same time, Mercury moves to Pisces to join Venus and Sun. This transit puts Mercury in a debilitated position. Be mindful of communication and double-check all the emails and instant chats that you send out.


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