Weekly Horoscope

Bow to the divine feminine!    

Mercury is retrograde in Libra, the sign that reveals our social face. This week, the temptation to buy things just to please society will be great. And with the various online sales in full swing, the discounts make us want to push ourselves more than needed. Stop and ask yourself if this item is a necessity, and who you are buying it for, and how it will add value to your life. Ask if it is really necessary. Social show-off is best avoided at all costs.

It will be an intense week if you are conscious of the power of manifestation. The divine feminine energy is over-active during this time, and will be a benevolent force, if you tune into it. A simple prayer to the goddess in each one of us is enough to active this energy.

The week ends on an emotional note as the Moon joins Saturn in Capricorn. It could make you feel lethargic and uninterested. But pull along with the daily chores anyway, making sure to get enough rest. The dull feeling will pass soon enough.

Weekly Horoscope

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