Honour the ancestors!  

Jupiter goes direct! You feel more hopeful than you have felt in months!

The highlight of the week is the New Moon in Virgo on the 17th, which is observed in the Hindu tradition as Mahalaya Amavasya. It is the dark night of the Moon when we remember our ancestors and feed the energy of the ancestors that keeps us safe and protected here. This entire week leading up to the New Moon is a good time to remember the ancestors and work on rituals to honour their presence in our lives. It could be by cooking the foods that your grandparents or their parents liked, to re-living their memories in daily life.

The Sun moves to Virgo on the same day, September 17. Over the next month, you will want to revisit your work and see how you can perfect it. It could be a piece of art or a work project that is important to you. You will have the emotion and the determination to see that things are perfect.

Mercury follows the Sun in a day to join together in Virgo. Mercury is in an exalted state in Virgo, a great time to work on your communication. It is the time to say things that you have been holding back. Write a lot more. Read a lot more. And talk more than you are used to. This in itself is great healing!


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