Weekly Horoscope

Sensitivity and stability rule the week    

Venus transiting Cancer will make you more sensitive than usual. You feel empathy for others but it is also extremely important to tend to your own mental health. Go out more often and get some sunshine. Feel the earth by walking barefoot on grass. Drink more water, and take longer showers.

The Moon’s transit from Aries to Taurus will bring more stability mid-week when you feel less agitated and more in control of your life. This is a good time to get your ducks in a row and re-align with your goals, short and long term.

Leaders will do well this week. Communicate more often with your teams and clients. Even if you are a freelancer, this is a good week to show off your subject matter expertise. Post some informative social media posts, or create an atmosphere to discuss your work with interested parties. It is a good time to pitch for new business, too.

Weekly Horoscope

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