Weekly Horoscope

Clarity emerges through the sea of emotion   

On September 1, Venus moves to Cancer taking you to the deep-end of the love pool. You have jumped in with both feet and are now completely immersed in the experience, throwing caution to the wind. This is dangerous because your chances of getting hurt are higher when your guard is down and you are at your most vulnerable and sensitive time.

Also, the beginning of the week has the Moon joining Saturn in Capricorn, bringing a conflicting push-pull of emotions right opposite where Venus is transiting. It’s an emotional ride for the first half of the week.

On Thursday, September 3, Mercury moves into its own sign, Virgo, in an exalted state. This brings more clarity and intelligence to your thoughts. The first week of September is a good time to make decisions and take decisive action.

Weekly Horoscope

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