Weekly Horoscope

Sharp mind and sharper looks  

The week starts with the Sun moving into its own sign, Leo. This brings stability and clarity, and also lights up the way forward for many of us. The obstacles and the uncertainty that we have been facing for the last few months will somewhat ease.  Quickly enough, Mercury also follows the Sun into Leo. These two energies vibe well and they bring about a sharp intelligence and nuanced thinking.

On Monday, Mars moves to its own sign Aries, bringing the impetus to constructive action led by clear, focused thought.

The New Moon on Wednesday is also happening in the sign of Leo. This highlights our need for community. Reach out to your social connections and create opportunities to meet, interact and share positive energy. This new moon is also a good time to set intentions on appearance, especially if you want to lose weight and feel lighter, and upgrade your look.

Rahu conjunct Venus in Gemini continues to pay attention to intellect and your abilities of the mind rather than physical attributes. You noticed other’s mind more than their looks, and they do the same in you.

Weekly Horoscope

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