Emotions on a wild ride

The week starts with a powerful full moon in Capricorn, in which the Moon meets Saturn in the latter’s home, Capricorn. These two opposing energies are bound to bring a clash of emotions leaving you with a morose feeling if you allow it to lead you. Be aware of the mood fluctuations and rein them in with a combination of smart distractions and time-bound attention. It means that you should feel into the energies as you cannot completely escape them but also don’t allow these depressing vibes to swallow you completely.

You will get instant relief from the blues almost like a switch was turned off when the Moon moves to Aquarius in second half of the week. This is a great time for collecting ideas and inspiration from the world around you. Read, write and create new things, whether art or personal projects that keep your emotions moving.

Mercury has joined the Sun in Cancer till the 18th of the month. It’s a good time to connect with a friend and share your true feelings. You might notice friends and family being more communicative and chatty than usual. Give them the space to vent.


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