Time to move forward with caution  

After a three-week retrograde stint in Gemini, Mercury goes direct today! It has been a rough few weeks with two eclipses all as Mercury was retrograde. All the things that seemed stuck in the past few weeks will now move forward. There will be more clarity on the path ahead. And you will be in a better position to make decisions.

Still, it takes Mercury a couple of weeks to come out of the shadow period. So move ahead cautiously, and leave important decision making for a little later towards the end of July, if at all possible.

The Sun moves to Cancer on 17 July. This could bring a desire to stay away from people, and to socialize less even as you move inward to understand your own feelings. In the environment of the pandemic, this could translate to self-isolation and voluntarily not socializing as before to be on the safe side of caution.


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