A slowdown of emotions

The week starts with a partial lunar eclipse today, Sunday. This is happening in Sagittarius, and doesn’t quite affect us much. Still, expect some turbulence in emotions and in the clarity of thought. For those who follow rituals strictly, the eclipse will be active from 8.38 am to 11.21 am, peaking at 9.59 am, IST. It’s a good idea to not eat anything at this time, and to have a late breakfast, post 10 am.

We are still in the retrograde season with Mercury, the retraogradation that affects us most, hitting the peak this week. On July 1, Jupiter retrogrades to Sagittarius to join Ketu. The Moon joins them here for the first two days this week hitting at the heart of hope and optimism. The resolve and grit that you have driven on for all these weeks will seem to waver but you will quickly find your feet because Jupiter is back in his own home.

The Mars and Moon join together in Pisces by the end of the week. You could be torn between action and emotion, doing and feeling about a particular situation. Avoid making big decisions when in this internal conflict.


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