Weekly Horoscope

Grounding to a new reality

The week starts off with emotions that seem all over the place. There is excess of imagination and flights of fancy. But towards the end of the week, it all settles as the New Moon on 22 May in Taurus (Krittika nakshatra) ushers in the energy of stability. You feel warm and grounded. Use this energy to find your centre and also a strong anchor to your relationships.

The new moon is expected to be an intense one with feelings of what you want versus where you are in life right now. There will be opportunities to review every aspect of your life, and re-align your goals based on new information and the current circumstances. Use the week to course-correct as needed and set new goals that are realistic. The new moon will help focus on this new reality.

Love is in the air! Sow seeds of trust on this new moon and watch it grow into a tree of security. With Venus being retrograde, try not to make any major decisions about romantic relationships. Flow in the moment through the week.

Weekly Horoscope

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