Salt is healing. Salt is cleansing. And salt is powerful.

Here’s a time-tested method to take the stress off your day, especially when you feel physically or emotionally drained.
You can do this any time you have had a particularly stressful day or feel tired and low on energy. You can do this every day and feel your body and emotions growing healthier and stronger.

These are the steps for an instant, quick-fix, home spa therapy.

Soak your feet in salt water for ten minutes.

1. Fill a basin or bucket with lukewarm water. The bucket should be wide enough so that both your feet can fit in flat without touching each other.

2. Drop a fistful of rock salt (if you don’t have rock salt, regular cooking salt also works). Try to stock rock salt because its wondrous healing qualities give better results than other salt. Rock salt is different from Epsom salt. Rock salt is sodium chloride while Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate.

3. Soak your feet in the water and intend that any negative, difficult and stuck energy, including energies that don’t serve your higher purpose, that are clinging to your energy body should dissolve in the salt water through your feet. Sit for 10 minutes in a calm, meditative state and focus on your breath. Sometimes you feel a pull or a sensation like poking or tingling in your feet or other parts of the body. It’s the energy leaving your body. Don’t soak your feet in this water for more than 10 minutes.

4. Wipe your feet with a towel and wash that towel separately. Don’t mix with the other clothes.

5. Throw the water down the toilet. Don’t pour on plants or anywhere that people walk and step on that water.


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