Vedic Astrology

The ancient science of Vedic astrology can be used effectively to get a better understanding of relationship challenges, struggles in the world of work, personal identity, addictions, and other issues that arise along our life’s path. It can help illuminate what can be changed and what cannot be changed, bringing us greater understanding and peace.

A believer in karma, I look back and look ahead to make sense of the present moment. My Vedic astrology readings are unconventional in that, in addition to prediction, they consider your soul’s overall spiritual evolution. Like many clients, you may be surprised to find that predictions of the future matter less when you have a full understanding of where you came from and who you are. Think of it as a blueprint of your soul’s journey.


The Golden Swan Book 

You may opt for a Golden Swan Book, which is a written report that will be sent via email in the form of a PDF document. You may also opt for your reading as a customized book, which will be shipped to you.

In-Person or Skype Consultation

Send your questions in advance for a 30-minute or hour-long Skype consultation. A Skype consultation does not include video unless requested. We can tackle three questions or any one to two areas of your life in a 30-minute session. A life reading or an annual report is best completed during a 60-minute meeting/call.


3 Questions (3-5 pages)

This option is best when you’re looking for answers to pressing questions in the short term. Frame three questions to help you decide the best course of action, and to understand your current situation much better.

Fee for non-Indians:

Emailed written report: $30
Customized book: $50
Skype reading: $25

Fee for Indian nationals:

Emailed written report: Rs 1,000
Customized book: Rs 1,800
Skype reading: Rs 900


Annual Report (4-6 pages)

A yearly report is a reading that’s specific to the immediate next year, and what you’ll need to focus on. The reading will prepare you for the year’s highs and lows. It will be based on the time period you’re in and how it will throw the spotlight on certain areas of your life (like career or health or money). This reading will help you make choices and refocus your efforts to get the best results. Many clients like to purchase this report around the turn of the year, a birthday, or other life event, though it can be conducted at any time.

Fee for non-Indians:

Emailed written report: $50
Customized book: $65
Skype reading: $40

Fee for Indian nationals:

Emailed written report: Rs 2,000
Customized book: Rs 3,500
Skype reading: Rs 1,500

Life Reading (8-10 pages)

Step back and take stock of your life’s journey with the help of this reading. Along with an overview of your life’s goals and the direction you’re headed, get a complete overview of the different spheres of your journey for this entire lifetime. In addition to giving you an understanding of planet positions and what they mean, it includes analysis of these areas: work, romance, finances, health, spiritual empowerment, and next steps.


Fee for non-Indians:

Emailed written report: $60
Customized book: $80
Skype reading: $50

Fee for Indian nationals:

Emailed written report: Rs 3,500
Customized book: Rs 5,000
Skype reading: Rs 2,000


Details for a reading

These are the details needed from you for a reading.

  1. Full name
  2. Date, month, and year of birth
  3. Time of birth (as accurate as possible)
  4. Place of birth


Time cycle for a reading

When I accept a reading request, we can agree to a date on which you will receive your customized report. It typically takes 10 days for a written report. In-person or Skype consultations can be arranged within a week of my receiving your birth details. A life reading may take up to 15 days to deliver, plus shipping time for customized reports.


Payment for non-Indians

PayPal to my email address

Here’s the link to PayPal:

And here’s how to send payment:

On PayPal, click Send & Request at the top of the page.

  1. Select “Pay for Goods & Services”
  2. Enter the email address:
  3. Enter the amount you want to send and click Continue.
  4. Review and confirm the information on the screen and click Send Money Now.

Payment for Indians

  1. PayTM to my phone number 9742457791.
  2. Wire the amount to my bank account. Details on request.