Tarot cards are centuries-old cards that are used as a form of divination: Ask the universe a question and it responds through the cards. Tarot cards are a mirror to one’s thoughts and emotions. Timing is important in a Tarot card reading. Unlike a Vedic astrology reading, which relies heavily on the birth details, a Tarot card reading takes into consideration no other conditions except the energy of the seeker with questions in mind. The beauty of a Tarot reading is that you get the message from the universe instantly.

Tarot Reading

It’s best if the question is well framed and clear. For example, if you’re wondering about a relationship, you may wish to ask questions such as these: When will I find a life partner? Is my current partner good for me over the long term? When will I get married? How can I make my marriage more exciting? When will things settle between my lover and me? If you simply say, Tell me about my love life, you will still get an answer, but it’s likely to be rich with insights about your personality type as a lover and the kind of love you are likely to attract into your life. For direct answers, ask pointed questions. For self-understanding, ask questions about that category. Readings are also possible where you may want to keep the question confidential. In this case, hold the question in your mind and the cards will still reveal the answer.


Tarot readings happen in person or over Skype.

15 minutes

This reading is best suited for Yes/No questions where you want an instant answer to make a decision one way or another. This quick reading is also suited for Past/Present/Future readings, when you’d like to get insights into a situation or your current inner truth regarding an issue.

Fee for non-Indians: $15
Fee for Indian nationals: Rs 500

30 minutes

This reading is best suited for getting deeper insights on an aspect of your life that’s currently top of mind. From romance to work, finance, health, and spirituality, 5-card readings and the Celtic Cross spreads reveal tremendous amounts of information about the soul’s path. This can also be used for a Birthday reading. In the Tarot tradition, your birthday is considered to be the start of the New Year for you. It’s also the time to take stock of your current life path and to look ahead to the coming year.

Fee for non-Indians: $25
Fee for Indian nationals: Rs 1,000

Payment for non-Indians

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Payment for Indians

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