Busy, stress-filled lifestyles that tax our physical, mental, and spiritual health are driving a larger number of us to stop and examine our choices and ask whether we’re living the life we want to live. We often need help to navigate the world of work, understand challenging relationships, and balance our exposure to technology while trying to live in a way that honors our soul’s purpose.

We seek to better understand the root causes of low energy and difficult emotions; we want to connect meaningfully with our inner self and the others around us. Spiritual or energy healing, along with understanding our individual soul’s unique blueprint through Vedic astrology, can lead to answers, clarity, and renewed focus on what truly matters.

A reading with me can help you realign your expectations—of yourself and your world. In addition to giving you insights about your life, a reading is a good way to check in with your inner self about your chosen path and how it is serving your deepest desires.

Vedic Astrology

Although an ancient science, the wisdom from Vedic astrology can be used effectively to get a better understanding of even present-day issues like the changing role of relationships, the influence of technology on relationships, the world of work, status and recognition through work, sexual identity, addictions and the lightning speed of life itself.


Tarot cards are centuries-old playing cards that are used as a form of divination. Ask the universe a question and it responds through the cards. Tarot cards are a mirror to one’s thoughts and emotions. Timing is important in a Tarot card reading. Unlike a Vedic astrology reading, which relies heavily on the birth details, a Tarot card reading takes into consideration no other conditions except the energy of the seeker with questions in her mind.


Healing is in our hands, literally. Reiki is the healing technique developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy that can be channelled to heal us. As a channel, I am guided by intuition and a higher force to unlock stuck energies to enable smooth flow through the chakras and to relieve us from pain.

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