How the predictive arts share the universe’s messages

Ask the universe a question and it responds. Always. The universe has its own unique style of sending messages to us. Sometime, messages are shared in a simple and direct manner. Most of the times, messages are not so direct.

The universe uses different ways to reach out to us. It’s for us to keep our senses open to receive the answer. The seeker may get the message to a question through a sign or symbol. Sometimes, the message is delivered through a person who knows nothing about our question or situation. Sometimes, the message is delivered through a dream, or a nightmare. At other times, the universe uses channels to send guidance and direction. Psychics, mediums, channels and clairvoyants all use various methods of perceiving the world beyond the third dimension (3D) to share information and insights on the soul’s journey through lifetimes.

Messages, especially to difficult life questions, often reach us in cryptic formats, and very rarely ever are simple and direct. Then, we wait for the puzzle to be solved and for the message to unpack itself before us. An astrology chart and the images on a Tarot card set serve this very purpose of solving the cryptic clues and sharing insights that we otherwise may not find.

Vedic astrology and Tarot cards are important tools that help us better understand who we are and what our role is in this world. It points us to karmic relationships, situations and environments. To receive these messages, and then use them in our day-to-day, requires first and foremost openness on the part of the seeker.

Knowledge is power. Intuition is the highest form of intelligence that can give us more power. Channels and psychics dip into the astrology chart and to Tarot cards to predict the future, share messages, and improve self understanding. They’re tools that the universe has shared with us. We
should use them wisely.

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