Sumaa Tekur  *SOO-mah TEK-oor

My spiritual journey started when I was a child. As a young girl, I was sensitive to changing energies even before my conscious mind could make sense of what I was experiencing. Back then, there was little support for someone like me, and I struggled to find my own way by consuming the teachings of various spiritual trendsetters, and exploring my inner world through quiet contemplation. Along the path I later found allies and teachers, including my spiritual mentor, Reiki master Ramdev Ratnam. It was through my work with him that my dreams, the strange happenings around me, and the symbols appearing to me all started to make sense.

I received my first degree Reiki attunement in 2004, second degree in 2008, and third degree in 2012. To expand my knowledge of the world of energies that I was working with through Reiki, I have also studied Tarot for over thirteen years, and Vedic astrology for over five years. I draw from all of these intuitive and healing arts in my forecasting and spiritual consulting work. I have learned that healing is in the hands of each of us if we choose to engage it.