I’m Sumaa Tekur. I’m a healing artist and life forecaster.

I help people navigate life’s rough patches by arming them with better self-understanding and awareness of their life’s journey. I believe that spirituality is not only about connecting the mind, body, and soul but also about connecting to the world around us in meaningful ways. I use multiple tools, including Vedic astrology, Tarot cards, and energies, to get the big picture of the soul’s current path in its long journey through multiple lifetimes.

The Golden Swan Book

The Golden Swan Book is your personalized chart analysis report. The customized book offers context to your past, present and future through in-depth analysis of your Vedic astrology chart. Keep the aesthetically designed book handy on your shelf to read and re-read for insights to help navigate life’s rough patches. You may also opt for a soft copy via email.

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Gift a reading

Gift a reading for a friend or family member for a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary. Every birthday is the beginning of a personalized New Year. It’s the best time to take stock of one’s life’s path and look ahead to the year and to the future. Knowing what to expect in the year to come helps one plan wisely and make practical decisions. But there needn't be a special occasion at all to gift a reading.

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Getting a reading from Sumaa Tekur is delightful. She gives a technically thorough interpretation of the facts as well as a very personal Vedic astrology reading. The warm touches made me feel like she was right in front of me, even though I received a written interpretation. Sumaa is clearly an interesting person with great empathy. Not only do I look forward to more readings, I look forward to meeting her in person.

Gabrielle, Earth

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